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Energy is becoming more expensive, with more than a few gas and electricity firms going bust and many other suppliers withdrawing preferential rates. Inevitably, customers will have fewer tariff options to choose from, and in the clear majority of cases, will have to pay more for their energy. This is where our services here at Compare Gas and Electric come in. By helping you compare energy prices across a wide range of suppliers, you can find the best deals and save more money for your business.

How We Can Help

While as individual consumers, we have no power to affect gas and electricity prices globally, it’s still worth familiarising yourself with the type of contract you’re on. There can be opportunities to cut your bills now, and if and when prices drop in future, you’ll be better placed to switch to a deal that will save you money.
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Standard Variable Tariff

The Standard Variable Tariff or SVT is your provider’s default tariff. You’ll likely be immediately switched onto it when your contract expires or if you’re automatically transferred to a new provider because yours has gone bust. However, the SVT is usually the most expensive choice. So if you believe your energy costs are excessive, check whether or not you’re on an SVT. You may not be getting the best deal and could save money by comparing energy prices and switching to a different plan.

Dual Fuel Tariff

Gas and electricity are both covered under a dual fuel pricing agreement. You’ll only have to deal with one supplier for both, which often works out less expensive than having two separate deals. However, this is not always the case, so you may want to evaluate your gas and electricity providers and tariffs separately to find the best deal.

Fixed Rate Tariff

A fixed rate tariff locks in your price for a defined period of time. The standing fee and amount you pay per unit of energy will remain constant throughout the fixed rate arrangement, so your bills will only increase or decrease with the amount of gas and electricity you use. It protects you against price rises, but it won’t help you if prices fall.

At present, prices only look set to rise, so if you’re on a variable tariff, it could be worth making the switch to a fixed rate so you can at least predict your energy expenses a little better for the period.

About Compare Gas And Electric

We are a price comparison service that allows you to quickly and easily compare costs for gas and electricity across a wide range of providers.
As well as helping you save money on your gas and electricity, we also allow you to compare and contrast the prices for facilities maintenance, phone, communications, insurance, and business finance products. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the best prices and services available on the market from vendors in all these areas.

All of the advantages of Compare Gas and Electric’s helpful, comprehensive, and convenient service are available to businesses all around the UK. Simply use our website to compare costs and make the switch to a cheaper deal across a variety of business services and utilities.

How Do We Make Money?

We have business arrangements in place with some of our service providers. We charge suppliers a fee when we help customers switch to them, allowing us to provide a free service to our consumers. Our commercial partnerships enable us to simplify the switching process for our customers and, in some situations, to negotiate special deals that are not available directly from the supplier.

We make every effort to include as many vendors and goods on the market as we can when preparing our comparisons. However, there are times when a supplier or a product cannot be included in our search; for example, we may have been unable to negotiate an agreement with them or they do not wish to be included in our comparison.
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Why Should You Work with Us?


With our years of delivering independent professional advice to consumers, you can be confident that our energy switching advice is completely neutral and accurate.

We exist to address the issues that are genuinely important to consumers. We push for a better deal for all consumers – not just our members – and provide authoritative, unbiased information to help you make the best decision, no matter what you’re buying.


Compare Gas and Electric is comprised of a team of professionals who are experts in gas and electric comparisons. Simply put, we understand energy and the markets quite well.

We can help you sort through the jargon and choose the right plan for you, whether you are looking for green energy solutions or simply want to cut your household or business expenses.

Trained consultants

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Speak to our one qualified Consultants of your confused and want to compare the many energy programs available.

We exist to address the issues that are genuinely important to consumers. We push for a better deal for all consumers – not just our members – and provide authoritative, unbiased information to help you make the best decision, no matter what you’re buying.

Start Saving Today

Looking for a more efficient approach to reduce your gas and electric bills? Send us your enquiries and learn how we can help you save today! If you want more information on our services, you can also check out the Compare Gas and Electric blog page.

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Compare Gas and Electric is the leading provider of consultancy services to businesses looking to reduce their energy and other utility bills. By analysing your current contract and usage, we search our network of energy suppliers to find deals that offer you real, substantial savings.
2022 © Copyright Compare Gas And Electric
2022 © Copyright Compare Gas And Electric
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